Mezz Davies

Junior Software Developer


NC News - Web App

NC News is a front end web application (made as part of my time on the Northcoders Bootcamp). It is similar in style to reddit where users are able to view articles and vote on them (up or down) as well as view, post and delete related comments. The hosted version can be found by clicking on the above image. The app fetches and writes its data via an API that I also made - please see below for details.

Although there is no authentication implemented, you are "logged in" as a user and as such some functionality of the website works accordingly e.g you are only able to delete comments associated with that user. Please have a click around the website and add a comment to an article, vote on an article etc. The web app is built with React and was my first time styling with CSS and has kick-started my keen interest in front end development.

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NC News - API

This project is the API for the above web app. It is a RESTful server made with Express.js that ustilises a Postgres (aka PostgreSQL) database. It was created using TDD with Jest and full list of the available end points is available (in .JSON format) by clicking on the above image.

It was satisfying and kind of magical getting it all up and running but, honestly, making this API was challenging - I had to make a mind-map-flowchart-thing to help me get my head around all the moving parts involved! You can view the outpourings of my brain here if you are so inclined.

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Planet Scran It - Mobile App

The final project from my time on the bootcamp was a group project and we created a meal planning app with React Native. As well as being responsible for the core app idea I was primarily involved in the development of the front end of the app. I was also exposed to Firebase though - something I plan to learn more about soon.

The above 5 minute video (3 mins 20 secs if watched on x1.5 speed!) explains the app and our process in more detail and was used as our presentation video on graduation day.

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I have experience with the following:

front end icon
  • React JS
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Axios
  • React Native
  • Expo
backend icon
  • Express
  • PSQL
miscellaneous icon
  • Javascript
  • Node.JS
  • Jest
  • Supertest
  • Figma
  • Premiere Pro
  • Photoshop


Thanks for looking at my portfolio site. I am a graduate of the Northcoders Full Stack Coding Bootcamp and before enrolling on the bootcamp I had spent the main chunk of my working life involved in photography and video production in one way or another. Over time though I realised I wanted a change. I have always been interested in technology and creativity so web development seemed an ideal new career direction. As I researched what was involved I learned of the phrase "full stack" and so enrolled on a course that covered this to get a full understanding of what coding can entail.

And so it is I have learned about so much more than front end web development. The course taught me fundamental javascript and coding concepts including data structures, asynchronous tasks, functional programming and OOP along with a good mix of Node packages. I also practiced Git version control, pair programming, test-driven development, Agile working, along with best coding practises. By the end of the course I had gone from very little coding experience to building and hosting a test-driven developed RESTful API with a complimentary front-end web app as well as a phone app. It was quite an intense but amazing journey!

I really, really enjoyed getting a full stack education but I still feel my main interests and strengths are possibly in front end development - problem solving combined with visuals and creativity is a great mix for me. I am not dismissing being involved with back end development though - not at all - because as I see it there is always a grey area between the front and back ends, so furthering my experience and understanding of full stack development will always be of interest and benefit.

Away from computers I enjoy exploring the outdoors (usually either walking or cycling), cooking and spending time with my wife, friends and family. I like watching football and am a Leeds United season ticket holder. I also enjoy experimenting with electronic music production (oh that's not away from the computer). Scuba diving and snorkelling are strong but infrequently indulged passions too.

Please do get in touch if you think we could work together. Cheers.